Spares & Adapters

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  • 1amp Mini Blade Fuse

    Replacement fuse for the eSystem or xSystem wiring loom.

  • Alcohol Wipes

    Our IPA Alcohol Wipes should be used to clean any surfaces before trying to stick adhesive clips or sticky fasteners to them.

  • BMW GS Dispenser Adapter

    The Scottoiler BMW GS dispenser adapter kit provides the necessary parts required for installation of an eSystem to this specific bike. For the perfect dispenser […]

  • Breather Cap

    The breather cap sits on top of the reservoir filler plug. It prevents any dirt getting into the system while also letting the reservoir breathe […]

  • Breather Extension with Cap

    The breather extention for the Scottoiler reservoir, prevents the ingress of dust and dirt particles.

  • Cable ties

    Cable ties are always useful in numerous different ways, a selection of removable and one-time use cable ties will help keep everything located where it should be.

  • Check Valve

    The eSystem check valve ensures that the eSystem only drips when the pump is operating.

  • Delivery Tube Routing Options

    Various options for securing delivery tubing to the swing arm and along the bike. From adhesive clips to conduit and mounting sleeves.

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  • Delivery Tubing (Clear PVC) – 3M

    The clear PVC Delivery Tubing comes in a 3m length and can be used to extend the existing dispenser routing, or for setting up a new dispenser routing.

  • Dispenser Assembly with Injector

    The Scottoiler Dispenser, which comes complete with dispenser tube, carries the oil from the reservoir to the chain and sprockets.

  • Dispenser Plate Clip

    The dispenser plate clip is made of stainless steel and holds the dispenser firmly in place on the dispenser plate.

  • Dispenser Tubes

    Replacement dispenser tubes are sold in pairs and are available to replace old, worn or broken dispenser tubes.