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  • 1amp Mini Blade Fuse

    Replacement fuse for the eSystem or xSystem wiring loom.

  • Breather Extension with Cap

    The breather extention for the Scottoiler reservoir, prevents the ingress of dust and dirt particles.

  • Check Valve

    The eSystem check valve ensures that the eSystem only drips when the pump is operating.

  • Multiform Dispenser Main Mount Block

    The Multiform Dispenser Mounting Block can be manipulated and trimmed to fit most swingarm types and forms. The strong adhesive on the back allows for […]

  • Scottoiler Filling & Priming Spout

    Looking to secure a top-up for your Scottoiler chain oiler system? The Scottoiler Filling and Priming Spout connects directly to the top of the Scottoil […]

  • xSystem Barbed Dispenser Connector

    Accessory connector between delivery tubing and the xSystem reservoir unit.

  • xSystem Filler Plug and Breather Assembly

    The Filler Plug sits in the reservoir unit protecting the reservoir from dirt ingress whilst the specially developed breather mechanism allows the system to equalise […]

  • xSystem Kit Bag

    The xSystem kit bag contains a selection of parts required to install the xSystem onto a wide range of motorcycles. Contents of the xSystem Kit […]

  • xSystem Leash For Breather

    Accessory part for the Scottoiler xSystem and xSystem 2.0.

  • xSystem Mounting Block

    The Mounting Block offers an easy solution to installing the xSystem to any surface or frame tube. It can either be cable tied or fastened […]

  • xSystem Reservoir Unit

    The xSystem Reservoir Unit is the main component of the xSystem. It encompasses the reservoir well as the sensing and control for the system. The […]