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  • Breather Cap

    The breather cap sits on top of the reservoir filler plug. It prevents any dirt getting into the system while also letting the reservoir breathe […]

  • Breather Extension with Cap

    The breather extention for the Scottoiler reservoir, prevents the ingress of dust and dirt particles.

  • M5 Spigot

    The M5 Spigot can be used to tap into the engine vacuum on specific bikes where a threaded M5 hole exists.

  • M6 Spigot

    The M6 Spigot can be used to tap into the engine vacuum on specific bikes where a threaded M6 hole exists.

  • Multiform Dispenser Main Mount Block

    The Multiform Dispenser Mounting Block can be manipulated and trimmed to fit most swingarm types and forms. The strong adhesive on the back allows for […]

  • Rubber Priming/Filling Plug

    The rubber priming plug sits in the filling hole in the reservoir recess and provides a connection for priming, as well as a seal against the elements and it allows the system to breathe.

  • Scottoiler Filling & Priming Spout

    Looking to secure a top-up for your Scottoiler chain oiler system? The Scottoiler Filling and Priming Spout connects directly to the top of the Scottoil […]

  • Scottoiler Reservoir Mounting Options

    Choose from different options for mounting your Scottoiler Reservoir on your bike.

    From $19.90
  • Scottoiler Stickers

    Different sizes and colour combinations of Scottoiler Stickers to put on your bike or toolbox!

  • T-Connectors

    The Nylon T-Connectors are used to create a vacuum connection from a vacuum pipe on your bike to the Scottoiler. Simply cut the vacuum pipe […]

    From $9.90
  • Vacuum Elbows

    The Vacuum Elbows connect the Scottoiler vacuum tubing to the engine vacuum and come complete with a filter to ensure the stability of the vacuum […]

  • Vacuum Tubing (2m)

    The Vacuum Tubing is for connecting the Scottoiler reservoir to the engine vacuum and is made of high quality fuel resistant material for safety.