Dispenser Tubes


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SKU: SA-0075BL

Replacement dispenser tubes are sold in pairs and are available to replace old, worn or broken dispenser tubes.

The tubes are designed to be fail-safe and sacrificial in case they snag either the chain or sprocket. It is possible to replace them if lost or worn to bring your dispenser set up back to full working order.

It is possible to make your own, if you have any vacuum tubing left over, here’s a quick guide:

It is possible to make replacement tubes using left over vacuum tubing, remember to slash cut the tube and mushroom the opposite end as described above for a secure, air-tight seal.

Hint: If you are repeatedly losing tubes, review the tube position and rotate the rear wheel slowly by hand, ensuring the sprocket bolts, teeth, lightening holes and the chain do not foul the tube.

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