Scottoiler to Launch New Traveller Expansion Bag

Motorcycle chain lubrication specialists Scottoiler are introducing a brand new range extender product as a benchmark for the industry. The latest addition to Scottoiler’s award-winning range is the Traveller Expansion Bag.

The Traveller is a durable and fully collapsible reservoir upgrade suitable for use with all Scottoiler chain oiler systems. With an addition of 2500 miles (4000 km) range over standard kits the length of refill free journeys can be multiplied by two and a half times. Using an accessible and easy-to-operate twist-lock connector, the Traveller connects directly to your Scottoiler kit reservoir, with potential to stow the bag in several discreet locations on the bike. This is made possible by its versatile material, securing holes for easy fastening and a wide-mouthed opening for easy refilling.

The box for the new Traveller Expansion Bag.

Commercial Director, Matt Ennen had this to say;

Having undertaken strenuous research, testing and development, all of us at Scottoiler are very happy to launch the culmination of all that hard work in the Traveller. Having listened to extensive feedback from customers at exhibitions and shows, online and on the road, the need for a versatile yet durable range extender was clear and we couldn’t be happier with the end result. We look forward to seeing all the long tours our customers can now go on without the hassle of topping up their reservoir.

The Traveller enters the market as a replacement for the widely popular Lube Tube and Magnum HCR range extenders.  Given the ever-changing motorcycle market, this product is designed for both the compact motorcycles of today as well as more spacious classic machines.


The easy-to-use filling cap – remove and connect to your reservoir using the twist-lock connector!

For both the frequent commuter and the seasoned tourer, the Traveller removes hassle from both of these rider’s lives – leaving them to do what they enjoy the most! These busy riders will be looking for minimum hassle – The Traveller fills this gap with maximum range from a small package.

Sales and Marketing Director, Nick Muddle, commented;

Scottoiler are delighted to develop and improve on our successful range extenders with this latest addition, the Traveller. We expect our network of loyal customers will bring this innovative new product into their selection of motorcycling kit and we look forward to hearing about all their hassle free adventures with the product.

The Traveller will retail at £24.99 and will be available on general sale from Monday 27th January, with trade customers able to pre-order now. The Traveller will be available from all good motorcycle dealers and online at


About Scottoiler

The Scottoiler story began with a great idea. In the late 1970’s, our founder (and dedicated biker) Fraser Scott turned his idea into reality with the invention of an automatic chain oiler.

Without enough money in the early days to market the product properly, he was able to grow the business by word of mouth, building sales as satisfied customers spread the news to friends and local dealers about the benefits of a Scottoiler. More than 30 years on, we export our high quality products to over 30 plus markets worldwide and have partnerships in place with world class companies like BMW. We’re still a family-run business, one which is highly regarded throughout the global motorcycle industry.

Our in-house R&D team at our Glasgow headquarters continue to innovate combining quality and reliability with our brand values of passion, precision and progress to create market leading products. Sourcing locally where possible we’re proud to take a sustainable and ethical approach to all our operations.