WEEE Take-Back Service

WEEE Take-Back Service 

At Scottoiler we offer a free WEEE (Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment) Take-Back Service that is designed to provide customers with an environmentally friendly solution for disposing of waste electronic Scottoiler products in the UK. 

The Scottoiler WEEE Take-Back Service ensures that any WEEE collected is responsibly re-processed with an authorised WEEE re-processing company. This service is available to all new Scottoiler customers and existing Scottoiler owners regardless of where in the UK the product was first purchased. 

To take advantage of this service customers can return their WEEE to the Scottoiler premises in person or by post (at the customers expense) or, on request, Scottoiler can arrange collection from the customers home address (again, at the customers expense). 

This offer also extends to the return of non-Scottoiler branded electronic motorcycle chain oilers when buying a new Scottoiler eSystem or xSystem. 


Why use the Scottoiler WEEE Take-Back Service?

Environmental responsibility – Safeguard the environment by ensuring proper disposal and recycling of electronic waste. 

Compliance with regulations – Rest easy knowing that our WEEE Take-Back Service complies with all UK regulations and environmental standards. 

How It Works 

  • Fill out our online form here or contact our dedicated team by email on technical@scottoiler.com to arrange a drop off or schedule a collection 
  • Receive instructions to securely pack your electronic waste for return 
  • Drop off or return your products by post or courier
  • Our team will re-process your electronic waste in an environmentally friendly manner in compliance with UK regulations 


Join us in making a difference and take the first step towards a greener, cleaner tomorrow. Our EEE producer registration number is: WEE/BX4908VC

Access more information on WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) compliant recycling and reuse of products and components by exploring the details provided: WEEE-information on reuse and environmentally sound treatment of the products and components