Technical Support

Over the years we have evolved the Scottoiler instructions to make sure you achieve the best installation of your chain oiler system. Looking at a variety of installation guides (not just the ones for your bike) on our website will give you some good ideas before starting the job. With a little time and ingenuity, a really neat, discreet and reliable installation can be achieved simply using the parts supplied in the kit – without any sweat!


Please visit our Knowledge Base where you can find:

  • FAQ’s
  • General guides to all our products
  • Troubleshooting guides and installation videos
  • Model-specific install guides (Does it fit my bike?)

Our Knowledge Base is answering questions like:

  • How do I prime my system?
  • Where and how do I find my vacuum connection?
  • How do I fill my chain oiler?
  • Where can I place my reservoir / dispenser on my bike?