Chain Oiler Systems

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  • Scottoiler vSystem | 40th Anniversary Edition

    The Scottoiler journey began with the inventor of the Scottoiler – Fraser Scott. After becoming frustrated with his chain and sprockets wearing out and requiring […]

  • Scottoiler vSystem | micro Edition

    The Scottoiler Essentials Micro vSystem is our easily accessible chain oiler kit. Packaged with a smaller reservoir (35ml, or 750miles approximately) it becomes easier to fit especially on modern motorcycles with limited space for installation.

    From £89.99
  • Scottoiler xSystem 3.0 | Electronic Chain Oiler

    The latest addition to the Scottoiler family, the xSystem 3.0, represents a significant upgrade from its predecessor. This advanced chain oiler system boasts cutting-edge features, […]

    From £249.99
  • xSystem 2.0 Full Kit – Remanufactured

    These remanufactured xSystems have been made using recycled internal components, all other parts of the product and kit are brand new. The recycled components are […]

  • Scottoiler vSystem | Universal Edition

    The Scottoiler vSystem Universal Edition is a vacuum operated chain oiler which automatically lubes your chain while you ride. Trusted by motorcyclists worldwide, the vSystem is the number one choice to take the hassle out of chain maintenance.

    From £119.99
  • Scottoiler eSystem v3.1 | Electronic Chain Oiler

    As the most advanced electronic chain oiling system in the world, the Scottoiler eSystem v3.1 is designed for the biker who wants total control over […]

    From £299.99