Scottoiler vSystem | Universal Edition


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The Scottoiler vSystem Universal Edition is a vacuum-operated chain oiler which automatically lubes your chain as you ride. This kit contains a 250ml Scottoil. You can choose between our Standard Blue Scottoil (0-30°C), High Temperature Red Scottoil (20-40°C), or our new Biodegradable All Climate Green Oil.

Ride with the easy-install vSystem, knowing that you’ll avoid the constant hassle of stopping to lubricate a worn chain. As well as this, you’ll maximise chain life by (on average) three and a half times and reduce repair costs!

We do request bike information when ordering the Scottoiler vSystem Universal Edition. This is so we can tailor our vSystem to you – ordering in specific parts if needed!

Interested? Learn what the vSystem can do for your performance here!

If you want to check if you need any additional parts to fit the kit to your bike, or if we have a model-specific kit available, please check our Model-specific Install Guides.

  • Increases your chain and sprocket lifespan
  • Improves motorbike performance on the road
  • Significantly reduces motorbike chain maintenance
  • Saves you time, money and hassle
  • 21.84 x 21.84 x 6.6 cm; 650 Grams
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